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2017 Toyota Prius Prime in Marina Del Rey

“Let's shatter all expectations.” —

  • 54 EPA-Estimated Combined mpg
  • 11.6-in. HD Multimedia Display
  • EH/HV/EV Auto Drive Modes
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Toyota Prius Prime Dealer in Marina Del Rey

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2017 Toyota Prius Prime Charging

At-Home Charging

Prius Prime makes charging at home simple and more convenient than ever. In fact, there's no need for special equipment - the charging cable is included, and it takes less than five and a half hours to get full charge using a standard household outlet. And charge scheduling allows you to schedule your charge in advance, allowing you to take advantage of off-peak electric rates. You can forget about range anxiety - when your battery is low, and with your gas in your tank, Prime can reliably get you where you're going with its proven gas hybrid engine.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Head-Up display

Color Head Up Display

Get more at glance. The available color Head-Up display (HUD) uses aircraft-inspired technology to project important information about your drive directly in front of you on the windshield. The color display can show your speed and energy monitor info, while also giving turn-by-turn directions, so you can stay focused on what's ahead.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Display

Multi-Information Display

The customizable 4.2 inch. color dual Multi-Information Display (MID) screens let you keep track of Prime's vitals at a glance. Just use the steering wheel-mounted controls to keep track of real-time driving data, up-to-date fuel economy, energy used and more - all while keeping both hands on the wheel.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Drive Modes

EV/HV/EV Auto Drive Modes

Prime offers three driving modes so that the driver stays in control: EV auto mode, EV Mode and HV mode. EV Auto Mode intelligently selects between EV and hybrid driving based on demand and driving conditions to optimize your efficiency. EV Mode relies on EV driving to maximize efficiency, all the way up to full highway speeds. HV Mode efficiently combines the gas engine and EV power from the HV battery to drive Prime.

2017 Prius Prime APPEARANCE Appearance Icon

2017 Toyota Prius Prime wheels

A Dramatic New Look

Get ready to take everyone by surprise. The 2017 Prius Prime is here with a striking new look that will shake up the status quo. Its sleek shape has been engineered to cheat the wind and win over the crowd. Stylish front and rear LED lighting helps this hybrid make a powerful statement. And available 17-in. alloy wheels ensure that this hybrid rolls in style every time it hits the streets.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime  Alloy Wheels

17-in. Alloy Wheels

Prime brings style to every corner. Available 17-in. alloy wheels add the right amount of attitude and ensure that all eyes are on this Prius, wherever it goes.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime LED taillights

LED Taillights

Turn heads whether you’re coming or going. Efficient LED taillights shine bright and help complete the stylish look of Prius.

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2017 Toyota Prius Prime Multimedia Display

11.6-in. HD Multimedia Display

Prime's loaded with innovative tech that you just can't miss. Its available 11.6-in. HD multimedia display is Toyota's most impressive yet, intuitive pinch, zoom, tap and swipe gestures create a familiar smartphone-like experience while giving you easy access to the features that matter most. So whether you're using the available Entune App Suite to plan your next night out, or using the navigation to help you get there, you've got the power to do it all, with just a tap.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Interior

Inviting Interior

Prime's cabin features a modern design and premium materials throughout. Thoughtful interior touches delight the senses while smart tech brings convenience and innovative thinking to every trip. Prime's front seats feature deep bolsters for body hugging comfort. When roads twist, these seats help keep you in place for extra confidence behind the wheel.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Rear Seats

60/40 Split Fold-Down Rear Seats

Prime's 60/40 split fold-down rear seats fold to maximize cargo space and versatility. With 19.8 cu. ft. of space, the largest cargo capacity in its class, it will help you enjoy even more room – and more adventures.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Remote Climate Control

Remote Climate Control

Take control and use your smart phone with the available Prime Apps, including the Remote Climate app. This way, you can check your Prime's current temperature setting and change it to your liking – all before you even get in. When Prime is plugged in, the power used for Remote Climate is pulled straight from the grid so you're battery keeps its charge. Now your comfort is always within reach.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime safety

Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection

Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection helps keep the road safe by detecting a vehicle or a pedestrian in certain situations. By combining millimeter-wave radar with a camera capable of shape recognition, the system provides an audio/visual alert warning you of a possible collision with a pedestrian under certain circumstances. If you don't react, automatic braking support helps mitigate the potential for a collision.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Climate Control

Smart-Flow Climate Control

Not too hot, not too cold. The smart-flow climate control system helps keep the cabin feeling just right. It’s an intelligent system too. When you’re driving by yourself, you can choose to heat or cool just the front seats, helping increase the overall efficiency of Prius.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime SAFETY & WARRANTY Safety Icon

Basic Warranty 3 years/36,000 miles Powertrain Warranty 5 years/60,000 miles Rust-Through Warranty 5 years/unlimited miles Hybrid System Warranty 8 years/100,000 miles

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Safety Main Img
2017 Toyota Prius Prime Cruise Control

Full Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) takes cruising to the next level. Using forward-sensing radar technology and an intelligent camera, the system can detect the speed and distance of the vehicle traveling directly ahead of you and adjust your speed accordingly. It works in traffic, as well, helping you maintain a present following distance, slowing when the present distance shortens, then accelerating back to your original cruising speed when the road clears.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime backup camera

Backup Camera

When in reverse, Prime's standard integrated backup camera uses a wide-angle lens to display a larger viewing area. Clearly marked lines on the screen show the distance guidelines, giving you more confidence to get out of any spot – tricky or not.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime High Beams

Automatic High Beams

Prime enhances visibility and helps make nighttime driving safe. The Automatic High Beam (AHB) system uses a camera to help detect oncoming vehicles as far as 2,000 feet away and, depending on the circumstances, it can automatically switch the high beams on and off, helping make it easier for other drivers on the road.

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